Kon Gallery
Tribe Profile
Season Peru
Namesake The god of rain and wind that came from the south.
Tribe Type Starter Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Apu
Tribe Status Merged with Apu on Day 19
Challenges Won 4
Lowest Placing Member Johnny N. (18/18)
Highest Placing Member Natalie O. (6/18)
Kon Insignia
Kon Tribe Buff

Kon (Kohn) is one of the two competing tribes in TTJ's Survivor: Peru.


Bubba D.Cedric T.Danny M.
Johnny N.Natalie O.Nehemiah N.
Oliver M.Reed N.Tanner T.

Castaway NamesEdit

Bubba D.
Cedric T.
Danny M.
Johnny N.
Natalie O.
Nehemiah N.
Oliver M.
Reed N.
Tanner T.

Post-Tribe SwitchEdit

Alexandra A.
Kent B.
Lauren J.
Natalie O.
Nehemiah N.
Oliver M.
Reed N.