Pulotu Tribe Flag
Tribe Profile
Season Polynesia
Namesake The underworld, the world of darkness in Polynesian mythology
Tribe Type Temporary
Day Formed Day 3
Rival Tribe(s) Nafanua
Tribe Status Disbanded on Day 20
Challenges Won 1
Lowest Placing Member Blake O. (16/16)
Highest Placing Member Ali S. (10/16)
Pulotu Tribe Buff

Pulotu is a "ghost" tribe from TTJ's Survivor: Polynesia. Their tribe color is black.

Comprised of the first five eliminated contestants except Rohan, they returned to compete against Nafanua and Tagaloa tribes in a special Immunity Challenge in an attempt to continue their pursuit of the million dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor. This tribe was very good morale wise and physically, as they were all brought together on the common trait of being voted out by their previous tribemates, with the drive for revenge. The Outcast did not compete in the Immunity Challenge because only one person checked in and therefore the person that checked in was brought back and in that case Ali returned for a shot at winning.


Ali S.Blake O.Jordon C.
Max C.Rico X.