Returning Players
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Twist Information
Description A twist in which former players are brought back to the game for another chance against new players or other returning players.


Returning Players in Survivor offer the opportunity for former contestants to return for another shot at becoming the Sole Survivor, and is a twist that has featured in multiple seasons thus far.

Ways of ReturningEdit

All-Stars SeasonsEdit

All-Stars seasons feature a cast comprised entirely of returning players known for how well they played in their season(s).

One Returnee per TribeEdit

The One Returnee per Tribe twist sees two returning players competing against new castaways, with one returnee placed on each of the competing tribes.

The twist was first introduced in Survivor: Durban. Two former castaways, Anthony L. and Robert (Disney) T. both from Survivor: Philippines ,returned to play due to the fact they were friends in the game, to redeem their selves and also Robert (Disney) T. voted for Anthony L to win the game.

The Exile Island twist saw the resurrection of this method for introducing Returnees. In Survivor: Peru - Exile Island, Bubba D. and Tyrone W., were brought back for a second chance.  

Newbies vs. VeteransEdit

This twist was first introduced in Survivor: Myanmar. Nine brand new castaways "newbies" are pitted against nine castaways who previously competed in the game "veterans". These veterans were voted off by someone using an idol at that specific tribal council they were in.

Success in the GameEdit

The players who have returned for future seasons have for the most part all done very well in seasons with new players.

Returning Players by SeasonEdit

Season Returned to Future Season Season Returned to Future Season
Logo AnthonyDisneygeek
Survivor Durban BubbaJeff
Hannah P.Kelly
Survivor Boracay Logo BrittneyNathanTayvie Survivor Mongolia Logo Tyrone W.Alyssa O.Sim S.
Survivor Croatia Real LOGO Connor J.Ella S.Nikki P.
Jacob C.Mike S.
Survivor Peru Cedric T.Natalie O.AJ F.
Survivor All Stars Logo Tayvie N. S7Ella S. S7 Survivor Aruba Logo S8 Big Joe S.
Survivor Polynesia Logo Ali S.Zach C. Survivor Temptation Island Logo Isaiah I. Kool H. Kelly R.
Survivor Myanmar Logo Current Season