Survivor: All-Stars
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Genre Reality Competition
Winner Connor J.
Runner(s)-up Ella S.
Mike S.
No. of Episodes 13
No. of Days 39
No. of Castaways 18
Tribes Arawak
Opening Sequence
TTJ's Survivor All Stars Intro

TTJ's Survivor All Stars Intro


Location(s) Grand Cayman,
Cayman Islands
Original Run March 13, 2014 -
April 22, 2014
Previous Season Peru
Next Season Aruba

TTJ's Survivor: All-Stars is the seventh season of TTJ's Survivor Series. It began on March 13, 2014 and ended on April 22, 2014.

The season started off with 18 memorable returning castaways from the past six seasons of TTJ's Survivor Series. The three tribes were Arawak carrying the yellow buff, Igneri carrying the green buff, and Taino carrying the red buff. 

In the finale, it ended with Connor defeating Ella and Mike with a vote of 5–2–2. After the finale, the Reunion Show took place where Natalie won Fan Favorite and Cedric won Player of the Season. There were also new awards that were given.

Arawak were seen as the weaker tribes, Igneri and Taino tribes were seen as the stronger tribes but, Taino was seen as a more stronger tribe than Igneri. On Day 13, Arawak was disbanded and a tribe shuffle occurred. The tribes were merged on Day 22.


This season featured 18 returning castaways. They will be dropped off in Grand Cayman, Cayaman Islands where they will be forced to live with each other! Not only will they have to survive the destructive hurricanes and tropical storms, but also take each other out. Every few days someone will be voted out of the tribe. The main twist of the season is yet to be revealed! Who has it takes to overcome the rest?

A total of 38 people were invited back from casting, and 18 castaways chosen played for an entire duration they were there.

People that signed up on Tengaged website was asked to give their Username, Preferred Survivor Name (Some kind of name) it really doesn't matter, Color Level, Karma, Timezone, and a couple of other questions that are needed. Their Preferred Survivor Username is what goes on this wiki, and what goes on the intros.

(Real Cast List w/real Usernames)


  • All-Stars: All the contestants are players from previous seasons.
  • Three Tribes: The castaways will be divided into three tribes of six members each.
  • Tribe Leaders: At the beginning of the game, all tribes vote for a tribe leader, who will be tasked with making decisions for the tribe as a whole.
  • First Impressions: The leaders of the tribes must choose who they think is the weakest on their respective tribe. The 3 chosen contestants (one from each tribe) will not compete in the Immunity Challenge. 
  • Tribe Shuffle: On Day 13, a tribe shuffle occurred mixing the three tribes into two tribes.   
  • Hidden Immunity Idols: Hidden Immunity Idols are available this season, with one hidden at each camp.
  • Double Tribal Council: On Day 21, both tribes were sent to tribal council. 
  • Delayed Merge: Due to the surprise Double Tribal Council, the merge was delayed, merging with ten remaining contestants. 


Contestant Original Tribe Shuffled Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Votes Against
Hannah P. S7 Hannah P.
17, Brown
Arawak 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Jacob C. S7 Jacob C.
14, Brown
Igneri 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
Alyssa O. S7 Alyssa O.
16, Light Green
Arawak 3rd Voted Out
Day 9
Nathan F. S7 Nathan F.
15, Silver
Arawak 4th Voted Out
Day 12
Tayvie N. S7 Tayvie N.
18, Orange
Taino Igneri 5th Voted Out
Day 15
Bwburke B. S7 Bwburke B.
18, Black
Taino Taino 6th Voted Out
Day 18
DJ C. S7 DJ C.
15, Blue
Igneri Igneri 7th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 21
Brittney N. S7 Brittney N.
14, Black
Arawak Taino 8th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 21
Natalie O. S7 Natalie O.
18, Dark Green
Igneri Igneri Aranerino 9th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 24
Nikki P. S7 Nikki P.
13, Light Green
Taino Igneri 10th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 27
Jeff T. S7 Jeff T.
16, Black
Arawak Igneri 11th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 30
Kelly M. S7 Kelly M.
14, Red
Igneri Taino 12th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 33
AJ F. S7 AJ F.
18, Black
Arawak Igneri 13th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 34
Sim S. S7 Sim S.
16, Silver
Igneri Taino 14th Voted Out
8th Jury Member
Day 36
Cedric T. S7 Cedric T.
19, Tv-Star
Taino Taino 15th Voted Out
9th Jury Member
Day 38
Mike S. S7 Mike S.
22, Tv-Star
Taino Igneri Runners-Up 3
Ella S. S7 Ella S.
15, Yellow
Taino Taino 6
Connor C. S7 Connor J.
15, Gold
Igneri Taino Sole Survivor 10

Episode GuideEdit

Episode Title Air Date Challenges Eliminated Vote Finish
1 "When Someone Goes, An All Star Goes" March 13, 2014 Taino Hannah 4-1-1 1st Voted Out
Day 3
2 "I'm In The Middle" March 18, 2014 Taino Jacob 3-2-1 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
3 "Two Bad Girls" March 22, 2014 Taino Alyssa 4-1 3rd Voted Out
Day 9
4 "It Would Be Quick and Easy" March 24, 2014 Igneri Nathan 2-1-1 4th Voted Out
Day 12
5 "There Won't Be a Soul To Stop Me" March 28, 2014 Taino Tayvie 4-3 5th Voted Out
Day 15
6 "This Demon Tribe" April 1, 2014 Igneri Bwburke 5-2 6th Voted Out
Day 18
7 "A Major Footing in This Game" April 5, 2014 (none) DJ 4-2 7th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 21
Brittney 5-1 8th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 21
8 "Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place" April 8, 2014 Cedric Natalie 7-3 9th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 24
9 "This Game is Just Getting Started" April 10, 2014 Cedric Nikki 6-2-1 10th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 27
10 "Cause Paranoia Against Everyone" April 12, 2014 AJ Jeff 3-3-2;
11th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 30
11 "I Can Almost Taste It" April 16, 2014 Mike Kelly 3-2-1-1 12th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 33
Cedric AJ 3-2-1 13th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 34
12 "All Or Nothing" April 18, 2014 Cedric Sim 3-2 14th Voted Out
8th Jury Member
Day 36
13 "It's All About My Game Now" April 20, 2014 Mike Cedric 3-1 15th Voted Out
9th Jury Member
Day 38
Reunion Show April 22, 2014 Jury Vote Mike 5-2-2 Runners-Up
Connor Sole Survivor

The GameEdit

Episode 1: "When Someone Goes, an All Star Goes"Edit

  • Immunity Challenge: "Pass the Torch" Castaways must communicate to each other in order to pass the torch. The first person to pass must say, "*Lights torch and passes to (name)*". Then the next person must say, "*Passes the torch to (name)*". Finally, the last person must say, "*Lights fire with torch*". The two tribes which completes this first will win immunity and safe for tribal council.

Episode 2: "I'm in the Middle"Edit

  • Immunity Challenge: "Smashing Tiles" Castaways must smash two tiles. The tiles are in different colors and inside there are points (either negative or positive points). The tribe that has the most points wins immunity.

Episode 3: "Two Bad Girls"Edit

  • Immunity Challenge: "Couting Numbers" When the host/co-hosts says go, each tribes must race by posting numbers on their thread. They must alternate with three or more people in their tribe. The first tribe to finish posting and having the highest numbers wins immunity.

Episode 4: "It Would Be Quick and Easy"Edit

  • Immunity Challenge: "Trend for the Win" Castaways must spam people from tengaged to trend their tribe name in a blog. The tribe that has the most trends wins immunity.

Episode 5: "There Won't Be a Soul To Stop Me"Edit

  • Immunity Challenge: "Amaze" Four castaways from each tribes must take part in a tengaged mini game. The tribe with the best score wins immunity.

Episode 6: "This Demon Tribe"Edit

  • Immunity Challenge: "Pollin' Spammin'" Castaways must spam people from tengaged again to vote for their tribe to win immunity. The tribe that has the most percentage of votes will win immunity. 

Episode 7: "A Major Footing in This Game"Edit

  • Immunity Challenge: No Immunity Challenge since both tribes did not do what they are suppose to do. 

Episode 8: "Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place"Edit

  • Immunity Challenge: "Piggy Bank'" Each castaways have 5 coins in their hands. They must distribute them to any players in the game. The person with the least coins total wins immunity and safe for tribal council.

Episode 9: "This Game is Just Getting Started"Edit

  • Immunity Challenge: "Unscramble Caribbean'" Each castaways must unscramble ten words all relating to the word Caribbean. The person with the most correct answer and is the first to send their answer wins immunity.

Episode 10: "Cause Paranoia Against Everyone"Edit

  • Immunity Challenge: "Survivor Auction'" Instead of a an Immunity Challenge, a Survivor Auction was held. Items won were the following:
Contestants Item(s)
AJ Immunity Necklace
Cedric Pile of rocks
Connor Pile of sticks
Ella (none)
Jeff A picture of Morgan Mcleod & A picture of TTJ 
Kelly An extra vote that can be used only once. (This extra vote is valid up to F3)
Mike Hidden Immunity Idol
Sim (none)

Episode 11: "I Can Almost Taste It"Edit

  • Day 32;
  • Immunity Challenge: "Rampin' of Luck'" Each castaways have a ball in their hand. Each round, they will select which ramp to roll their ball down. They can either select Ramp 1 or Ramp 2. One of two ramps have different score ranges depending on how the sending order goes. After each round, they will have to add their points. If they break 21 points, they are out. The last person standing wins immunity.
  • Day 33;
  • Immunity Challenge: "Spam U Out'" Castaways must spam people from tengaged to not vote for them but to vote for their other tribe mates. The person with the least amount of percent votes will win immunity.

Episode 12: "All Or Nothing"Edit

  • Immunity Challenge: "Check-In" Castaways must post "Check in #1" An hour after that, no sooner, he or she must post "Check in #2" so on and so forth. The castaway with the most check ins after 24 hours will win immunity.

Episode 13: "It's All About My Game Now"Edit

  • Round 1;
  • Immunity Challenge: "Word Search" Castaways must do a word search puzzle. The first two people to send in a correct and completed word search puzzle will move on to the final round.
  • Final Round;
  • Immunity Challenge: "Jigsaw Puzzle Maniac" Castaways must complete a puzzle. The person with the most score wins final immunity challenge and they will have a spot in the finale. 

Voting HistoryEdit

TTJ's Survivor: All-Stars Voting History
Original Tribes Shuffled Tribe Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Eliminated: Hannah P. S7
Jacob C. S7
Alyssa O. S7
Nathan F. S7
Tayvie N. S7
Bwburke B. S7
DJ C. S7
Brittney N. S7
Natalie O. S7
Nikki P. S7
Jeff T. S7
Kelly M. S7
AJ F. S7
Sim S. S7
Cedric T. S7
Mike S. S7
Ella S. S7
Connor C. S7
Vote: 4-1-1 3-2-1 4-1 2-1-1 4-3 5-2 4-2 5-1 7-3 6-2-1 3-3-2 4-2 3-2-1-1 3-2-1 3-2 3-1 5-2-2
Connor Jacob Bwburke Brittney Natalie Nikki Jeff Jeff AJ AJ Sim Cedric Jury Vote
Ella Bwburke Brittney Natalie Kelly Jeff None Kelly AJ Connor Cedric
Mike Tayvie DJ Natalie Sim Jeff Jeff Kelly AJ Sim Cedric
Cedric Bwburke Brittney Natalie Nikki Ella Ella Ella Connor Connor Connor Connor
Sim Jacob Sim Brittney Nikki Nikki Ella Ella Connor Sim Sim Connor
AJ Hannah Alyssa Nathan Tayvie Natalie Natalie Nikki Connor Jeff Kelly Connor Mike
Kelly Jacob Bwburke Brittney Nikki Nikki Ella Jeff Connor Ella
Jeff Brittney Alyssa Brittney Tayvie DJ Natalie Nikki Connor None Connor
Nikki Tayvie DJ Natalie Kelly Mike
Natalie Jacob Mike DJ Nikki Connor
Brittney Hannah Alyssa Nathan Bwburke Connor Ella
DJ Connor Mike Natalie Connor
Bwburke Sim
Tayvie Mike
Nathan Hannah Alyssa Jeff
Alyssa Hannah Jeff
Jacob DJ
Hannah Jeff

NOTE: Who voted who will be revealed at the end of the season, unless in a unanimous vote, in which case it will be posted immediately after the vote.

All underlined votes denote that they were not able to participate at Tribal Council, incurring themselves a "self-vote".

Tribe FlagsEdit

Name Tribe Flags Namesake
Arawak Tribe {{{2}}}Arawak Tribe Flag One of the tribes of indigenous
peoples of the Caribbean.
Igneri Tribe {{{2}}}Ingeri Tribe Flag An ethnic group that was once
part of the Arawak tribe in the Caribbean.
Taino Tribe {{{2}}}Taino Tribe Flag A seafaring indigenous peoples of
the Arawak Tribe in the Caribbean.
Aranerino Tribe {{{2}}}Merged Tribe Flag 1 Portmanteau of Arawak, Igneri
and Taino.

This Seasons ItemsEdit