TT's Survivor Series
TTJ's Survivor Series NEW Logo
Logo Creator Thetrackerjackers
Genre Reality Competition
Created By Thetrackerjackers
Country of Origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of Seasons 4
No. of Episodes 39
Location(s) Orkhon River, Mongolia
Original Run January 12, 2013 - present
Main Group
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TT's Survivor Series, short term for Thetrackerjackers Survivor Series, is a newest group game on Tengaged Which the first season aired in January 12th 2013.

TTJ's Survivor Series began in the Mid January of 2013 with his first season. It's an online version based of the CBS reality show Survivor. Users will play as themselves (castaways). They will be sent into a desolate locale, where they must provide food, water, fire, and shelter for themselves. Their goal in mind is to be the last one standing in the game, which is called the (Sole Survivor). In order to be the Sole Survivor, they must first begin on a tribe. In order to be safe, they have to work as a tribe to win Immunity Challenges. If they don't, they will be sent to Tribal Council and they will vote each other out. While much rarer than elimination vote, medical conditions, such as injury or infection, have eliminated several contestants. The last two or three survivors will face a jury composed of the last 7 or 9 players voted off. The jury takes power and they ask any questions why the final two or three survivors deserve to win the game or ask a different questions and then they will one by one vote for the winner of the game, the title of Sole Survivor and a million dollar prize. 

The series is renewed for the 4th season, Survivor: Mongolia   and has plans for the near future seasons. 

(Real Cast List w/real Usernames)


Season Details

# Season Location Tribes Winner Runner(s)-up Vote
1 Logo
Survivor: Philippines
Caramoan, Camarines Sur, Bicol Region, Philippines Ahas
Oliver Winner
Oliver Z.
Isaac RU
Isaac B.
Anthony 2RU
Anthony L.
2 Survivor Durban
Survivor: Durban
Durban, South Africa Renoster
KellyKelly M.
J.T.J.T R.
Josh L.
Josh B.
3 Survivor Boracay Logo
Survivor: Boracay
White Beach, Boracay, Philippines Amihan
Brian C.
Christian H.
4 Survivor Mongolia LogoSurvivor: Mongolia Orkhon River, Mongolia


Season Notes
  • Introduced the use of Hidden Immunity Idols.
  • First time multiple tribemates won a single Individual Immunity competition.
  • First time to have 3 different tribes.
  • Introduced the use of Hidden Immunity Idols. Plus there was a twist to it, once the Idol was found they must immediately give it to another person from the opposing tribe.
  • Second time multiple tribemates won a single Individual Immunity competition.
  • First time to have 2 different tribes.
  • The Hidden Immunity Idol was in play in this season, but once the idol was found the person that has must immediately tell to one person on his or her tribe the news about the idol.
  • First time to have 16 castaways competing in the game.
  • Purple Rock tiebreaker was introduced in this season.
  • First time to have a delayed merge. 
  • First time to use the last Hidden Immunity privelage in the Final 4.
  • First time to have Final 2
  • First time to have no Fan Favorite of the season.
  • First season to have castaways inactive most of the time.


Most Tribal Immunity Wins In A Season

Rank Tribe Wins  Season
1 Pating 5 Phillipines
2 Habagat 4 Boracay
3 Tigre 3 Phillipines
Bugeranus 3 Durban
Renoster 3 Durban
4 Amihan 2 Boracay
5 Ahas 1 Phillipines

Most Individual Immunity Wins In A Season

Rank Player Wins Season
1 G.T B. 3 Durban
Kiko K. 3 Durban
2 Anthony L. 2 Philippines
Christian H. 2 Boracay
Leah P. 2 Boracay

Most Votes Against In A Season

Rank Player Total Votes Season
1 Hannah P. 12 Durban
Jake H. 12 Boracay
2 Sebastian I. 11 Phillipines
Sox S. 11 Philippines
Tayvie N. 11 Boracay

Least Votes Against In A Season

Rank Player Total Votes Season
1 Isaac B. 0 Philippines
Kelly M. 0 Durban
Brian C. 0 Boracay
Chrsitian H. 0 Boracay
2 Anthony L. 2 Philippines
Cubs C. 2 Philippines
Gustavo M. 2 Philippines
J.T R 2 Durban