Taino Gallery
Tribe Profile
Season All-Stars
Namesake A seafaring indigenous peoples of the Arawak Tribe in the Caribbean.
Tribe Type Starter Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Arawak
Tribe Status Merged with Igneri on Day 22
Challenges Won 5
Lowest Placing Member Tayvie N. (14/18)
Highest Placing Member Ella S. & Mike S. (Co-Runners-Up)
Taino Insignia
Taino Tribe Buff

Taino (Tai-noh) is one of the three competing tribes in TTJ's Survivor: All-Stars.


Bwburke B. S7Cedric T. S7Ella S. S7
Mike S. S7Nikki P. S7Tayvie N. S7

Castaway NamesEdit

Bwburke B.
Cedric T.
Ella S.
Mike S.
Nikki P.
Tayvie N.

Shuffled TribeEdit

Brittney N. S7Bwburke B. S7Cedric T. S7
Connor C. S7Ella S. S7Kelly M. S7Sim S. S7

Castaway NamesEdit

Brittney N.
Bwburke B.
Cedric T.
Connor J.
Ella S.
Kelly M.
Sim S.